Our Tea

Agroeksport has been producing high-quality Georgian tea since 2010. Recognizing the exceptional quality of tea leaves grown and collected from plantations in the environmentally pristine Adjara region of southwestern Georgia, their two brands - Elita and Batumi - represent a distinctive and flavorful assortment of teas packed in both loose leaf and single-serve tea bag configurations.
To maintain the highest standards of quality and consistency, both Batumi and Elite black and green teas, as well as the herb and fruit blends, are sorted, assembled, and packed by hand. With their distinctive Khinkali (Georgian dumpling) shaped tea bags, all of Agroeksport′s teas are consistently well received and thoroughly enjoyed.

The selection of teas packed in Khinkali-shaped tea bags:

Black tea “Elita” – 30grams;
Green tea “Batumi” - 30grams;
Black fruit tea “Elita” (blackberries, blueberries, rose hip) - 35grams;
Black fruit tea “Elita” (raspberries, black grapes, oranges + tangerines) – 35grams;
Black flavored tea (roses, saffron, citrus flowers) – 35grams;
Green fruit tea (lemon, kiwi, Feijoa) – 35 grams;
Herbal tea (lime blossoms, chamomile, mint) – 35 grams;
Blueberry tea (leaves and berries) – 35 grams.

100 gram tea packets:

Black tea “Elita” – 100grams;
Green tea “Batumi” – 100 grams.