The western growing regions of Georgia, including Adjara, Guria and Samegrelo, have a climate that is ideal for citrus. The territory features 7-8 thousand hectares of citrus plantations, accounts for 90% of Georgia′s citrus output, and is considered the agricultural heart for citrus production.
Adjara accounts for the majority of this output, most of which is generated by approximately 23,000 small and medium farming operations. On average, harvests from these plantations includes 90% tangerines, 4.6% oranges, 4.3% lemons and 0.03% grapefruit and represents an annual volume of approximately 85,000 tons.
It should be no surprise that Agroeksport has established its operational headquarters on the coastal edge of Adjura in the port city of Batumi. With its centrally located facilities facing the Black Sea, harvests can be easily consolidated, sorted and packed and quickly shipped to markets throughout the region including Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe and Northern Africa.